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Who We Are

Brian and Samantha are a husband and wife team of massage therapists who started Brattleboro massage therapy together. They live in Brattleboro Vermont with their dog Zsa Zsa, cat Duots, and two bunnies, Dani and Bella. They would love to share their passion for massage and learning with you!

Brian Strauss, LMT

Brian is massage therapist based in Brattleboro, who graduated from the Massage School in Easthampton, MA. Since then he has worked in his own practice and at a spa, giving over 1000 massages. He holds a current massage licence in MA. He loves learning. He has taken continuing education in lomilomi, cupping massage and hot stone. He has a calming presence, lots of patience and a desire to help. Brian has always been drawn to helping people. He's worked at camps, as a teacher, volunteered in the Peace Corps, and worked and as a direct care staff for adults with developmental disabilities. He combines a thoughtful warm and nurturing touch, with the ability to go as deep or light as best suits your needs, combining techniques to customize the massage for you.

He loves working with people to fine-tune massage treatments over time, to provide regular monthly or weekly massage as part of a general self-directed health program.

If you want deep tissue or swedish massage for pain in your back, shoulders and neck, or need relaxation massage for depression, anxiety, everyday stress, or just to feel even better, Brian would love to help you reach those goals.

Check out his private page with testimonials at brianstraussmassage.com.

Samantha Boothroyd, LMT

Samantha is a massage therapist who started out giving massages to friends more than a decade ago. Massage has been a passion of hers throughout her whole adulthood. She has studied with several massage therapists, and became reiki certified in 2008. She has taken a lomilomi fundamentals course, Thai massage classes, and graduated from River Valley Community College with a certificate in Massage Therapy. Through her own struggles with anxiety and autoimmune disorders, and seeing improvement with massage, she brings added understanding to sessions about how massage can help with chronic pain and stress. She believes the relief massage can bring can help propel someone forward into having a easier week, and can help lay a foundation for healing.

She loves working with clients to help relieve stress, improve range of motion, and relieve muscle pain and stiffness. She is happy to work with clients on a traditional table, or clothed massage on a mat on the floor, whichever would allow for someone to trust or relax just a little bit more. She works intuitively to find the source of your discomfort through caring touch. She enjoys working deeply with muscles to help them relax, and finding ways to let your body know it doesn't need to hold tension there any more. She never turns down a chance to learn more about the neck and ways to relieve headaches. She'd love to work with you if you have a stiff neck, hips or shoulders.