Treatment Info

COVID-19 Changes

  • We are wearing masks during all treatments and are asking our clients to do the same.

  • We have a fan in one window and the other window open to create a cross draft to try and further protect one another from getting COVID-19, as we have learned of the importance of ventilation inside. If its too hot we can switch to air conditioning by request.

  • We are sanitizing the treatment room and path toward the treatment room between every massage.

  • We have waved all cancellation fees, and are asking all clients to reschedule even right before a massage if they feel sick at all, and we will do the same. This includes any symptoms ranging from fever, sore throat, cough, or runny nose.

  • Treatments must be rescheduled or cancelled if anyone has been in contact with someone who has or is expected to have COVID-19.

  • Even though we are taking steps to mitigate risk, it is still possible to pass on disease during a massage.

About our Massages

Oil/Lotion Options

  • Jojoba Oil: Our go to oil is organic cold processed jojoba oil. We started out with sunflower oil as is very common, and loved for its vitamin E content, but we decided if we wouldn't eat it because of the free radicals then we wouldn't want it on our bodies either.

  • Lotion: We also have organic unscented lotion, available by request if you don't like feeling oily after a massage.

  • Castor Oil (Samantha only): Samantha will also use castor oil for those who request it. In Ayurveda the oil you choose is part of the treatment. Castor oil is grounding and can create a mud like coating over your body. There is also a simple questionnaire to see you constitution and help tell if a castor oil massage is right for you. It is very sticky. Samantha found it transformational and wanted to offer it to others.

About the Massage and Room

  • We have hot towels set up for every massage that they will benefit. They are not used for pregnancy massage, or those with MS, sunburns, or who generally run too hot.

  • We have organic cotton linens on the massage table. Draping is used for all clients, and we only undrape areas we are working on.

  • There is a flight of stairs to get to the massage room.

  • Our office is in our private home. We have animals (dog, cat, bunnies) in the house, but not in the treatment room. Bunnies and small dog may be available to join us in the room if requested.